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Follow the journey of your coffee and meet the people that make it unique.

Coffee with a story to tell, with a purpose

We believe that traceability, transparency and a closer connection between producer and consumer can add value, improve quality and bring more opportunities for positive social and environmental impact.

We are connecting and adding traceability to the coffee supply chain from the farm to the consumer by using IoT, smartphones and blockchain to enable transparent coffee trading, reliable information flow and verification of production best practices to benefit all the key players globally, starting with the coffee farmers.

Coffee Growers

How it works

Transparency, quality and social impact

We work directly with farmers, with focus in quality. Documenting process and workers’ conditions.

Transparency link from farm to consumer with a platform that combines IoT, smartphones, blockchain and digital content

The result: consistently good quality from the same farmers, better prices for them and reliable information and verification

Join us

Offer your customers the best coffees while showing them that you care and that they can make a difference.

Here are ways for you to be part of the coffee stories:

Buy coffees with Trace.Coffee story and traceability.

Get green or roasted coffees from Trace.Coffee farmers. Promote the coffees using their digital stories and information. Add your business and team to the coffees’ stories.

Add traceability to your coffee and other products.

We can help add your coffees to the Trace.Coffee platform. Contact us to learn more.

Ask your favorite brands and coffee shops to add Trace.Coffee to their coffees

So you can see their digital stories, get full transparency and ensure that the farmers get a fair share.

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Our Story


Rafael Saavedra

Trace.Coffee Co-founder

Software and technology
Sunnyvale, California USA

Martha Vanegas

Trace.Coffee Co-founder

Software and digital content
Sunnyvale, California, USA

Silvana Yandar

Trace.Coffee Co-founder

Coffee quality expert
Bogotá, Colombia

Hugo Lopez

Trace.Coffee Co-founder

Coffee quality expert
Bogotá, Colombia

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