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The Beans on Fire
Coolaborative Roasting

Collaborative roasting is giving access to the full diversity of coffee through sharing experiences. Access and share know-how,tools, sensations, opinions, stories and cultural perspectives.

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Bring your own green coffee or source it from The Beans on Fire, roast it your own way, learn and share the moves and techniques from green to cup by on-site practice with seasoned professionals and peers, as well as broadcast and distribute.

Tasting, Learning, Sharing

Buy on-site or online the beans roasted at the shop, taste the coffees in the Café or participate in tasting sessions, roast profiling workshops or coffee jam sessions.

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People at The Beans On Fire

María Hernandez - CoFounder

She was born Colombia. After six years as a consultant technology projects, she wanted to reconnect with her early passions, and create a link with the land and farmers, searching for beans with a story, for farmers with the will and drive to continuously improve quality. María believes sourcing coffee is more about connecting with people who share a passion. 

Andres Hoyos - CoFounder

He was a successful business professional. When he turned forty, he become an entrepreneur than wants to make happen in a small human scale structure. Father of two kids, he happy tell his kids his day-to-day in simple words: “we take green coffee beans from Colombia, we roast them, the beans turn golden and then brown like sun tanned, it smells so good!

Alicia Sorrentino - Barista

Her first encounter with the coffee world in an emblematic place in Paris: La Caféothèque. She was fascinated discovered the true story of coffee and realized that it was in fact a combination of stories: Producers,Roasters, Baristas and the drinkers. When I met Maria and Andrès I knew that I wanted to work with them!

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The Beans on Fire

París, Francia
7 Rue du Général Blaise 75011