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Carmen Rojas Finca Santa Ana

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After many years in Bogota, Doña Carmen and her family went back to the rural area in search of a tranquil life. They learned about coffee taking care of a coffee farm during 4 years. Then decided to star their own adventure with coffee. Doña Carmen is committed to produce the best coffee of the region.

  • Origin : Quipile, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Varietal : Colombia
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1402 mts
  • Harvest Months : Mar-Jun

People benefited


Sensory Journey

Chocolate notes.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: Santa Ana farm



  2. Harvest

    Where: Santa Ana farm

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: Santa Ana farm


  4. Selection

    Where: Santa Ana farm

    Manual selection

Santa Ana's People


Santa Ana farm was bought by the family 8 years ago. A total of 5Ha with 2ha with coffee, another 2 with diverse product such as corn, Soy and plantain. In the farm there is a water spring that is being protected by a forest. Doña Carmen understand the importance of maintain the water clean for the environment.


Quipile, Cundinamarca Colombia