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Manuel Riaño

Manuel Riaño Piedra Chispa Farm

Don Manuel has been surrounded by coffee all his life.The coffee tradition goes back to the great-grand parents and his passion and love for what he does is admirable. He is part of a great community of about 45 families in Santa Barbara. The organization skills and the willingness of the group to keep improving their coffee process is bringing the possibility for a better life for them and their families.

  • Origin : Sandona , Nariño, Colombia
  • Varietal : Caturra
  • Altitude : 1800mts
  • Harvest Months : Mar-Jun
  • People benefited: 12


Sensory Journey

Balanced. Red fruits and honey in aroma. Sweetly acidity; Vanilla stay in a delicious aftertaste.


  • From the farm
  • Harvesting

    Mayo 2017
    Piedra Chispa Farm, Sandona, Nariño, Colombia
  • Drying

    Sun dried
    June 2017
    Piedra Chispa Farm, Sandona, Nariño, Colombia
  • Hulling

    Automatic selection
    Sep 2017
    Trilladora Picaleña, Ibague, Tolima, Colombia
  • Transport/Logistics

    Nov 2017
    Sweet Lattitude, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia
  • Roasting

    Since Jan 2018
    The Beans on Fire, Paris, , France
  • CoffeeShop

    Since Jan 2018
    The Beans on Fire, Paris, , France
  • To the cup


Manuel Riaño - Farmer

Luz Marina Tutistar - Farmer's wife

Luis Felipe Diaz - harvester

Andres - Founder and Roaster

He was a successful business professional. When he turned forty, he become an entrepreneur than wants to make happen in a small human scale structure. Father of two kids, he happy tell his kids his day-to-day in simple words: “we take green coffee beans from Colombia, we roast them, the beans turn golden and then brown like sun tanned, it smells so good!

Maria - Founder and Roaster

She was born Colombia. After six years as a consultant technology projects, she wanted to reconnect with her early passions, and create a link with the land and farmers, searching for beans with a story, for farmers with the will and drive to continuously improve quality. María believes sourcing coffee is more about connecting with people who share a passion. 

Alicia Sorrentino - Barista

Her first encounter with the coffee world in an emblematic place in Paris: La Caféothèque. She was fascinated discovered the true story of coffee and realized that it was in fact a combination of stories: Producers,Roasters, Baristas and the drinkers. When I met Maria and Andrès I knew that I wanted to work with them!


Sandona, Nariño, Colombia

The farm name come from the grandparent of Don Manuel, sometimes during winter there are thunderstorms; one day Don Manuel's grandparent saw many sparks coming out of a rock when a thunder hit it, since then they call the farm Piedra Chispa (Sparky Rock). Saving enough to be able to buy the farm was a long process that took years but finally with his wife Luz Marina they made it. That was 10 years ago, during this time they renew the coffee plants and are committed to improve every single step to produce great coffee. Located close to the Galeras Volcano south-west of Colombia. The soil is mainly volcanic, providing nutrients to the coffee that give its unique signature. Piedra Chispa is only 3.5 hectares.