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Jonathan Lara

Jonathan Lara Villa Lara Farm

In 2004, after many years as a Special Education Teacher in Vermont, USA. Jonathan "El gringo" decided to start all over in Colombia. He was raised in a farm and yearned to come back to a peaceful and laborious life. In 2010, he bought Villa Lara and which is now been transformed into a modern coffee farm. A dream come true for him and his wife Beatriz.

  • Origin : Guaduas , Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Varietal : Caturra
  • Altitude : 1600mts
  • Harvest Months : April-Aug
  • People benefited: 12


Sensory Journey

Delicate buttery sensation. Notes of walnuts and raisins in aroma and cup. Medium body. Dark chocolate and caramel flavor linger in the mouth in a delicious after taste.


  • From the farm
  • Harvesting

    August 2018
    Villa Lara Farm, Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Drying

    Sun dried
    Sep 2018
    Villa Lara Farm, Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Hulling

    Automatic selection
    Nov 2018
    Mosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Transport/Logistics

    Dic 2018
    Mosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Roasting

    Since Jan 2019
    The Beans on Fire, Paris, France
  • CoffeeShop

    Since Jan 2019
    The Beans on Fire, Paris, France
  • To the cup


Jonathan Lara Parker - Farmer

Jonathan is 72 years old. His vitality and conviction that whatever you do needs to be well done is an example, which is being followed by the people around him.

He is a hard-working person with endless plans for improvements in the coffee farm. His interest in learning and applying new technologies gives him an edge in the coffee world.
Beatriz Gomez - Farmer's wife

Beatriz is 46 years old. After 25 years working in the pharma industry, she meets Jonathan, an event that turned their lives around for good. She was ready for something different and chose Jonathan and the coffee farm as her life project. She is now in charge of the coffee processing plant and Jonathan call her “the queen of the coffee process”.

Alfonso Serrato - Harvester Leader

He is the right hand of Jonathan and Beatriz in the farm. Alfonso’s grandfather taught him about coffee. He is single. He would like to help his mom, buy his own house, get married and have kids.

William Alvarez - Harvester

William is 41 years old. He started as a coffee picker when he was 13. He is married and has 2 sons: Oscar (17) and Alexander (13). Now he helps in all the coffee process. He would like to travel and help his sons have better opportunities and a good life.

Faver Alvarez - Harvester

Faver is 48 years old. His father taught him about coffee. He is married and has 7 children: Sandra (29), Monica (27), Carlos (23), Angy (21), Daniel (20), Alexander (17) and Sebastian (9). With more that 40 years working in coffee he brings lots of experience. He would like to buy his own farm and a car to travel to other parts of the country

Andres - Founder and Roaster

He was a successful business professional. When he turned forty, he become an entrepreneur than wants to make happen in a small human scale structure. Father of two kids, he happy tell his kids his day-to-day in simple words: “we take green coffee beans from Colombia, we roast them, the beans turn golden and then brown like sun tanned, it smells so good!

Maria - Founder and Roaster

She was born Colombia. After six years as a consultant technology projects, she wanted to reconnect with her early passions, and create a link with the land and farmers, searching for beans with a story, for farmers with the will and drive to continuously improve quality. María believes sourcing coffee is more about connecting with people who share a passion. 

Alicia Sorrentino - Barista

Her first encounter with the coffee world in an emblematic place in Paris: La Caféothèque. She was fascinated discovered the true story of coffee and realized that it was in fact a combination of stories: Producers,Roasters, Baristas and the drinkers. When I met Maria and Andrès I knew that I wanted to work with them!


Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia

When Jonathan bought the Villa Lara farm, it was well overtaken by vegetation, he was planning to have cattle but then he received a loan offer from the Colombian Coffee Federation for planting coffee. It was more appealing to him because of his farming background, so Jonathan started his adventure in the coffee world. The farm has an area of 32 ha and 25000 coffee plants. There are plantains trees that give shade to the coffee plants.