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Rafael Antonio Ruiz

Rafael Antonio Ruiz La Carolina Farm

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Don Rafael is a firm believer in the idea that knowledge and experience go hand in hand. He is aware that the times are changing in the coffee world and he wants to be close to the people that have studied new technologies and bring innovation to the coffee process.
He is taking retirement as a entertaining stage, he keeps busy mentally and physically. That assure he will be able to work hard and enjoy it. Truly a source of inspiration for the younger generations.

  • Origin : Mesitas del Colegio, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Varietal : Colombia
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1425 mts
  • Harvest Months : Apr-May

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Sensory Journey

Sweet and light.
Caramel and Chocolates notes in aroma and cup. Medium acidity and body. Citrus notes linger in a interesting aftertaste.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: Finca La Carolina



  2. Harvest

    Where: Finca La Carolina

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: Finca La Carolina


  4. Selection

    Where: Finca La Carolina

    Manual selection

La Carolina's People


La Carolina Farm is a retirement dream come true for Don Rafael y Doña Olimpia. Now after 5 years of hard work in the coffee farm they continue to be thrilled and look forward to develop a ecotourist project in the farm.
The coffee farm is located in El Porvenir rural zone. It has 2,2 hectares in total and 2,0 are dedicated to coffee.


Mesitas del Colegio, Cundinamarca Colombia



Ismael Hernandez Valero

Copa de Oro Farm

Coffee Plants: 6.000

Don Ismael is 67 years old. His father was coffee grower as well.The farm was the inheritance. His main dream is to buy more land and keep growing great coffee. Don Ismael is a leader, organized and hard-working.


Guillermo Lozano

El Recreo Farm

Coffee Plants: 14.000

Don Guillermo is 65 years old. One of his dreams is to be able to implement traceability is the coffee process. He fosters debate on how to keep consistency in the coffee. Don Guillermo is a persevering perfectionist.


Luis Modesto Estupiñan

La Florida Farm

Coffee Plants: 7.000

Don Luis is 70 years old. Almost 30 years ago a friend invited them to his coffee farm. They got inspired and bought a small farm to grow coffee. His main dream is to be able to help his community in special to the woman household heads. Don Luis is sentimental and good friend.


Andres Eduardo Rodriguez Gacharna

Villa Sofia Farm

Coffee Plants:2.500 .

Andres is 55 years old. He stared working in the farm 3 years ago.The farm is being in the family for more that 100 years. He wants the farm to be self-sustainable and a viable business. Andres is a perfectionist and thoughtful


Sorel Hernandez Carreño

La Fortuna Farm

Coffee Plants: 4.500

Don Sorel is 71 years old. After his retirement with his wife they were looking for something to do. The invested in the farm and started working with coffee His main dream is to product coffee that can be sold to a fair price. Don Sorel is very caring and supportive.


Alvaro Mesa Ruiz

El Sosiego Farm

Coffee Plants: 2.300

Don Alvaro is 65 years old. After retirement they were looking for 2 years to buy a farm to keep them entertained. The last 5 years they have learned a lot about coffee. Don Alvaro wants to produce micro-lots of specialty coffee. He is very discipline and responsable.


Gladys Sanchez Padilla

Altamira Farm

Coffee Plants: 2.500

Gladys is 51 years old. She always longed for living in the rural area. 12 years ago with her hushand they invested in coffee farms. She falls for the coffee life. Gladys is proactive and participates in all the farm activities. She is cheerful and friendly.