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Oscar Ivan Morales

Oscar Ivan Morales El Porvenir Farm

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Oscar Ivan es a good example of a dynamic and creative person. His willingness to solve problems and overcome obstacles made him a respected member on his community.
He have his mind on be able to learn how to produce speciality coffee and seeing what he had done in the farm his chances of success is very high.

  • Origin : Santa Clara, Caldas, Colombia
  • Varietal : Castillo
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1600 mts
  • Harvest Months :Mar - Jun

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Sensory Journey

Dark chocolate in aroma and flavor, with mild sweetness. Low acidity with heavy body and lingering dark chocolate flavor.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: El Porvenir Farm



  2. Harvest

    Where: El Porvenir Farm

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: El Porvenir Farm


  4. Selection

    Where: El Porvenir Farm

    Manual selection

El Porvenir's People


El Porvenir farm is located in Marulanda, Caldas. Monte Bonito, Santa Clara region. The road to access the farm is difficult. It will take them 45 min in car to be able to go to the nearest town. When is time to bring the coffee to sell it, all the neighbors get together to rent a truck.
In the farm there are 4000 Castillo coffee plants as well as avocado.


Santa Clara, Caldas Colombia



Albeiro Gallego Restrepo

El CaƱon Farm

Coffee Plants: 5000. 2200 Caturra 2800 Castillo

He moved to his farm 10 years ago. His oldest son help him in the farm. Albeiro is learning new way to produce coffee.
He is proud of this community and happy to help.


Carlos Arberto Jimenez Duque

El Planal Farm

Coffee Plants: 14800. 11300 Castillo 3500 Colombia

He moved to this farm 5 years ago looking for a more warm weather. Carlos is willing to try new ideas to be able to produce specialty coffee.
He is a hard working person.


Javier Villada

La Clarita Farm

Coffee Plants: 6000. 1500 Caturra 4500 Colombia

He is a proud coffee farmer. His son is learning all about it. Coffee has been the mean to have a life. He is well know in the community.
He likes to be in his farm and work it.


Jose Jesus Ospina

El Contento Farm

Coffee Plants: 2800 Caturra

All his life in this region. His parents left him the farm. His son Diomedes work with Oscar Ivan.
He is a happy and calm person.


Jose Jesus Garcia

El Monte Farm

Coffee Plants: 3000 Castillo

More that 30 years in the farm. He is grateful to the coffee. Jose wants to improve the shade to his coffee plants.
He is a hard worker and good friend.


Jose Nixon Quintero

La Divisa Farm

Coffee Plants: 11000. 6000 Caturra 5000 Colombia

All his life has been in the coffee farm.He is very interested in learn about new ways of produce coffee.
He is a good neighbor.


Jose Reinel Villa

La Divisa Farm

Coffee Plants: 6000. 2500 Caturra 2500 Castillo 1000 Colombia

Two years ago he moved to this farm. All his family has been in the coffee life. His two sons help him in the farm now. He is finishing highschool on Saturdays and wants to study law.
He always looks for ways to improve his farm.


Miguel Angel Blandon

Los Naranjos Farm

Coffee Plants: 15000. 10000 Caturra 5000 Colombia

He is eager to learn how to produce specialty coffee and with his 2 sons apply that knowelge to their farm.
He is helpful with his neighbors.


Urbano Morales

La Manuelita Farm

Coffee Plants: 5000

He have been a coffee farmer all his life.
Urbano is a good friend and likes the peace of his region.