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Maria Etelvina Diaz

Etelvina Diaz Finca Gallinacera

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Doña Eltelvina is an amaizing coffee grower. Her family is following her steps and making a difference in the landscape of the specialty coffee in Nariño.

  • Origin : Buesaco, Nariño Colombia
  • Awards : Colombian Cup of Excellence, 2012
  • Varietal : Caturra
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1600 mts
  • Harvest Months : Mar-Jun

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Available Mar-Jun


Sensory Journey

Balanced. Caramel, sugar cane and night flowers in aroma with red fruits notes in cup. High medium citrus acidity. Sugar cane notes liger in the aftertaste.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: Gallinacera farm



  2. Harvest

    Where: Gallinacera farm

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: Gallinacera farm


  4. Selection

    Where: Gallinacera farm

    Manual selection

Finca Gallinacera's People


The Diaz family has owned the farm for the last 20 years. The farm is located in a highly dry region. The dry weather favors the cupping of the coffee produced in the Buesaco region. The beans produced there are recognized locally and nationally for the excellent quality.


Buesaco, Nariño Colombia