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Luisa Guaragna Finca San Judas Tadeo

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Luisa and her sister Alina have one special mission with the coffee farm, now both retired from their formal professions, they want to fulfilled their father dream of making the coffee farm a source of excellent coffe and place that brings job opportunties for the people in the area. During many years the farm was left alone due to conflicts in the area.Three years ago they partnershiped with Manuel Matta an agronomist engineer expert in coffee production. Now the farm is producing specialty coffee that is winning awards and it is being recognize as a model to follow.

  • Origin: San Javier, Magdalena Colombia
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude: 1800 mts
  • Verifications: 4C
  • Harvest Months : Sep-Dec

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Sensory Journey

Dry fruits,nutty, mocha in fragance and aroma. Sweet dry fruits in mounth. Medium acidity, creamy body. Chocalate and butter in a delicious aftertaste.

Coffee Process

  1. Crop

    where: San Judas Tadeo Farm

    Traditional - Shade

  2. Harvest


  3. Drying

    where: San Judas Tadeo Farm


  4. Selection

    Where: San Judas Tadeo Farm

    Manual selection

  5. Hulling

    where: Bogota, Colombia

    Automatic hulling - selection

San Judas Tadeo Farm's People


Luisa's parents bought the farm more that 60 years ago. A total of 27 ha, 9 ha dedicated to coffee and more that 10 ha of virgin forests it has the perfect combination to grow coffee. The coffee plants have the shade of eucalyptus trees.
In those forest "El Aguila" ravine begins and provide the water use for the coffee farm as well as the drinking water for a whole community. The water used by the coffee process later is treated with ecological methods to avoid polluting the farm and the environment.


San Javier, Magdalena Colombia