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Luis Fernando Ramos

Luis Fernando Ramos El Diamante Farm

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Luis Fernando was a coffee picker for more that twelve years and learned all the coffee process during that period. One of his goals was to buy his own farm and through hard work and patience he and his wife saved enough money to buy this farm, with the help of a bank loan. They went through rough times while paying the debt but by being persistent and diligent they made it and now they own the farm. In the region he is called by his last name, Ramos. He knows all every one in the community and his goodwill and friendly character made him a good example to be follow among his neighbors.

  • Origin : Marquetalia, Caldas, Colombia
  • Varietal : Colombia, Caturra
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1600 mts
  • Harvest Months : Mar - Jun

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Sensory Journey

Intese dark chocolate in fragrance and in the cup. Subtle sweetness in a deep, complex flavor. Clean and uniform, well balanced body, with medium-high acidity.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: El Diamante Farm



  2. Harvest

    Where: El Diamante Farm

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: El Diamante Farm


  4. Selection

    Where: El Diamante Farm

    Manual selection

El Diamante's People


El Diamante farm is located in the San Juan region. It was bought by Luis Fernando and his wife eleven years ago. It had been neglected and the coffee plants were not producing. Now the farm is fully productive. 8000 coffee trees. 5000 Caturra y 3000 Castillo. He decided to focus his farm only to coffee and not to plant alternative crops, because most of them the need to heavy use of insecticides. Luis Fernando preferred to concentre all his efforts on the coffee plants and the coffee production process. He says that everything he has is thanks to the coffee and he is loyal to it.


Marquetalia, Caldas Colombia



John Fredi Sepulveda

El Guadalito Farm

Coffee Plants: 16000

He works the farm along with his brother in law, Jaime Castaño. He has lived all his life in the region working in coffee farms. John does all the tasks in the farm. 8000 coffee plants are in production at this time.
John is reserved and dedicated to his family.


Jose Tiberio Gonzalez

La Arcadia Farm

Coffee Plants: 5000

Jose Tiberio lives in the farm with his mother. They both work the land. He really wants to learn new ways to improve the coffee production. Jose wants to be able to have a better quality of life and he knows that producing speciality coffee is a way to get better price for their product.
Jose Tiberio is a quiet person, eager to learn as much as he can about the new coffee technologies.


Norberto Campuzano

El Diamante Farm

Coffee Plants: 5000. 1500 Caturra 2000 Castillo 1500 Colombia

Norberto got his farm as inheritance from his father. His mom got another lot but he has been the one in charge of the coffee production for the last five years. He wants to get ahead in his life as a quality coffee farmer.
Norberto loves the farm life, the city life is not for him. He wants to produce excellent coffee.


Otoniel Montoya

La Veronica Farm

Coffee Plants: 11400. 1700 Caturra 6000 Castillo 4000 Colombia

Otoniel used to work raising cattle but four years ago he decided to buy a coffee farm and dedicate his life to it. He planted 9200 coffee plants. Only 1300 are production now, but will follow soon. He is learning as much as he can from neighbors and he wants to keep learning everything about coffee.
Otoniel is dedicated to his land and his family.


Sandro Ospina

El Trebol Farm

Coffee Plants: 7000 Castillo

His father is farm owner. Sandro lived in Bogotá some years and now he is back in the farm with his wife and kids, helping his father to make it productive again. They are the new coffee generation and are learning how every single detail is important to production of specialty coffee.
Sandro is a responsable and caring father and husband. He is doing his best to provide for his family and to give them a better life.