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Luis Albeiro Cardenas

Luis Albeiro Cardenas Alto Bonito Farm

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With the short phrase "Coffee is for life and must be looked after" Luis Albeiro expresses his love and commitment to it. His good nature allows him to look always to the brighter side of life. He loves his farm and his coffee plants and understand that every single branch of them is his investment in the future. He is eager to learn how to improve and willing to do the work to produce specialty coffees.

  • Origin : Marquetalia, Caldas, Colombia
  • Varietal : Colombia, Caturra,Castillo
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1700 mts
  • Harvest Months : Mar - Jun

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Sensory Journey

Subtle hints of herbs in the aroma, with sweet, chocolate flavor. Mild acidity in a medium body cup, with lingering tangy notes.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: Alto Bonito Farm



  2. Harvest

    Where: Alto Bonito Farm

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: Alto Bonito Farm


  4. Selection

    Where: Alto Bonito Farm

    Manual selection

Alto Bonito's People


The Alto Bonito farm has 7500 coffee plants. 4000 Caturra, 3500 Castillo. Luis Albeiro and his wife Sandra bought it four years ago. In the farm they also grow plantain that they sell and consume at home. The name of the farm, Alto Bonito (Pretty heights), could not be more appropriate: the views from there are breath taking.


Marquetalia, Caldas Colombia



Bertulio Hernandez

Santo Domingo Farm

Coffee Plants: 15000. 9000 Caturra 3000 Castillo 3000 Colombia

He worked reising cattle almost all his life but always as an employee. Bertulio decided to buy a coffee farm three years ago and give it a try. It is hard work but he prefers to be the owner of his land.
Bertulio is a generous person who wants to improve his coffee production.


Gerardo Agusto Jimenez

El Diamante Farm

Coffee Plants: 8000. 3000 Caturra 3000 Castillo 2000 Colombia

His stepfather taught him about coffee farming and during the last 22 years he has been around coffee farming. Now he is in charge on 2 coffee farms. He wants to modernize them and to apply new technologies in order to improve production and quality
Gerardo is very organized with his work and takes it seriously.


Rubi Alba Giraldo Ruiz

El Placer Farm

Coffee Plants: 13000. 5500 Caturra 7500 Castillo

With her husband, Ricardo Ramirez, they bought the farm a year ago from her parents in law. They have been living in the farm for the last 12 years until finally they can call it their own. Rubi Alba helps picking the coffee and drying it.
She is a very social person and likes to live without drama or conflicts.


Jose Edgar Gonzales

El Diamante Farm

Coffee Plants: 10000. 2000 Caturra 8000 Castillo

The farm was an inheritance from his parents. He wants to learn more about specialty coffee to be able to get a better price for his product. The coffee life is a hard one and sometimes he gets bonuses for quality, but on other years he doesn't so he is very interested in being consistent in the process, in order to get better results.
Jose Edgar is a serious and hard working person.


Luis Carlos Giraldo Villada

El Diamante Farm

Coffee Plants: 10000

He has been living in this farm the last 17 years. Don Luis Carlos is part of a group of custodians of the water. He is protecting a virgin forest on his land. He wants to plant more fruit trees and more coffee.
Don Luis Carlos wants to build a better future for his children.


Marco Fidel Serna

El Manantial Farm

Coffee Plants: 15200. 2200 Caturra 13000 Castillo

He has always been a coffee farmer and will be for the rest of his life. Marco Fidel is aware of the clime change and the difficulties ahead on keep the farm workers, so he is preparing to diversify crops in order to have income all year round and to create more stable jobs for the people who work with him.
Marco Fidel is a hard working farmer, well respected in the community.


Marino Ospina

La Divisa Farm

Coffee Plants: 9000. 4000 Caturra 5000 Castillo

The farm has been in the family for last three generations. He went to the city but only lasted six months there. He longed his land so much, that he decided to make a life in a coffee farm. It has been hard because so far is just enough to pay debts and to have a frugal life. He is making an effort to get his coffee to the specialty level.
Mariano is very helpful with his neighbors and likes to learn.