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John Freddy Castañeda

John Freddy Castañeda El Porvenir Farm

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John Freddy is part of a a new generation of coffee growers that decided to stay in the farm and continue the coffee tradition. Even though the coffee business is a hard and difficult one John Freddy keep going because he believes that is possible to have a good life and a future with it. He is an entrepreneur and a leader in his community.

  • Origin : Caparrapi, Cundinamarca Colombia
  • Varietal : Castillo
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1480 mts
  • Harvest Months : Apr - May

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Sensory Journey

Caramel and citrus fruits in aroma and flavor. Medium acidity with medium body and lingering citric fruit flavor.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: El Porvenir Farm



  2. Harvest

    Where: El Porvenir Farm

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: El Porvenir Farm


  4. Selection

    Where: El Porvenir Farm

    Manual selection

El Porvenir's People


El Porvenir farm is located in Bocamonte, Caparrapi, Cundinamarca. Eight years ago John Freddy started working in the coffee farm. The farm is 8 ha and 5 ha are dedicated to coffee with 19000 Castillo coffee plants. In the farm there are avocados, bananas, plantains and citrus trees as well.


Caparrapi, Cundinamarca Colombia



Nicolas Hernandez Ordoñez

Villa del Mar Farm

Coffee Plants: 12000

Nicolas grew up at his family's coffee farm by the river. Producing coffee back then was very hard and very little has changed since. He wants to change that for him and for his children, so they don't have to leve the farm in search for a better life.
Good worker, ready to help his neighbours, driven


José Eduardo Rodríguez

La Libertad Farm

Coffee Plants: 4000

The son of coffee farmers from Yacopi, José Eduardo started working as a coffee picker. Over time he was able to save enough money to by 1 hectare of land. He wants to improve quality and have it exported as specialty coffee, grow his production and get his kids to continue the coffee farmer business.
Dedicated, organized, proactive, hard worker, "a fighter". good neighbor and community leader


Saul Quintana

Naranjales Farm

Coffee Plants: 4000

Saul has been a farmer all his life. His father was a coffee grower and Saul leaned from him. He was a coffee picker working for others until his father gave him 1 hectare of land for him to grow his nown coffee. He wants to organize his farm better, produce better quality coffee and sell it well. He really hopes to be able to share the coffee business with his family and enjoy it together.
Hard worker, dedicated, good neighbor, ready to serve others


José Germán Reyes Alvarez

Quebrada Grande Farm

Coffee Plants: 8000

His father was a coffee grower. For him growing coffee is hard but highly rewarding. José wants to find ways to keep coffee as a good business despite climate change, find ways to improve shade and humidity controls in his coffee farm and to keep high levels of quality, obtainig the best possible prices for his coffee.
Dedicated to his coffee, responsible, community leader, loves teaching and helping his neighbors


Cristobal Ramirez Angel

Palo Negro Farm

Coffee Plants: 7000

Cristobal was born among coffee plants. His parents were coffee farmers too. In 1980 he bought a 10 ha farm where he planted sugar cane, grass and coffee. He's been a coffee farmer ever since. He wants to keep improving the quality of his coffee, get better prices for his coffee and sugar cane and transfer the legacy of his farm to his daughters.
Loves coffee, organized, good neighbor. ready to help


Julia Maria Lugo

La Primavera

Coffee Plants: 10000

Julia works the coffee farm side by side with her husband ever since they got married, back in the 70's. Her parents were coffee farmers too. She wants to continue workin the coffee, with focus on improving quality. Her dream is to buy a house in the nearby town, open a second business and a children daycare there.
Organized, disciplined, dedicated, good neighbor, a hard worker that's always ready to help


José Belisario Molina

Vista Hermosa Farm

Coffee Plants: 2000

José Belisario lived in Bogotá for 40 years, where he worked in construction. In 2005 he decided to move to the country side, buy a farm and start growing coffee. He wants to improve his coffee quality to get better price and eventually leave a good legacy and sufficient resources for his kids' future.
Good worker, organized, dedicated and persistent. City man converted into a farmer and loving it.


Javier Quiceno Gallego

La Esperanza Farm

Coffee Plants: 8000

A son of coffee growers, he grew up in Guaviare growing corn and breeding beef cattle, after his family moved there when he was very young. He wants to produce the best cup of coffee in the region, keep that quality consistent over time and improve his farm house to make it safer and more comfortable.
Driven, dedicated, good administrator and calm, but passionate about his work.


Luis Alfonso Avila

El Arracachal Farm

Coffee Plants: 4500

After growing up with his parents in their coffee farm, Luis Alfonso left home to try to make a living on his own, working as a carpenter, machanic and others that hi didn't like, before getting married and deciding to finally coming back to coffee farming.
A farming entrepreneur, qualified as "crazy" for thinkig that he can create a sustainable business out of a coffee farm.


Jose Raul Castañeda

El Porvenir Farm

Coffee Plants: 1500

A son of one of the coffee pioneers in the community, he now works on the farm he inherited from his pather and continues the family tradition.
A great believer in hard work, ready to serve, gentle.


José Manuel Sanchez

La Africana Farm

Coffee Plants: 16000

After working on rented farm land, with short-lived crops, such as beans and sugar cane, José Manuel was finally able to buy his own farm and now focuses on coffee.
Believes in the importance of managing the process personally, committed to his community and his social circle.


Carlos Julio Ospina

Villa Reina Farm

Coffee Plants: 11000

Carlos Julio has spent his whole life in the farm that was his mother's. He wants to keep improving quality and make a it into a steady source of incomme. Hopefully his retirement too.
Driven, hard worker, good neighbor.


Alfonso Hernandez

El Rosal Farm

Coffee Plants: 7000

Alfonso has been working the same coffee farm all his life with his family.
Hard worker, shy and short in words, good neighbor.


Argemiro Sanchez

El Paraiso Farm

Coffee Plants: 10000

He was born in Caparrapi, but he grew up in the Eastern planes of Colombia. He and his family got back to his native land, trying to get away from conflicts, and went back to growing coffee.
He is persistent, born to grow coffee and positive.


Omar Acero Lugo

La Esperanza Farm

Coffee Plants: 3000

Around coffee and working with coffee, Omar wants to keep it that way. He wants to be able to pay off his farm, improve his farm house and aford a good education for his daughter.
Omar have a good sense of humor and he is good neighbor.


Carlos Alirio Rincón

Arracachal Farm

Coffee Plants: 5000

Carlos Aliro was born in Yacopi, but lives and works in this land that he fell in love with. He's always worked with coffee. He wants to create a better future for his children.
Loves coffee and loves the Caparrapi land. Good neighbor.