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Ezequias Romero San Jose Farm

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Don Ezequias is a leader in the region, he understand that, in the world now, if you have a great product you need to be connected to the consumers. He is willing to learn new technologies if that helps him succeed. He is persistent and has held to his coffee in times of good and bad prices. Don Ezequias wants to improve his farm and get better prices for his coffee.

  • Origin : Guayabetal, Cundinamarca Colombia
  • Varietal : Castillo
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1600 mts
  • Harvest Months : Apri - May

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Sensory Journey

Sweet and balanced.
Sugarcane in aroma with citrus fruit notes in cup. High citrus acidity; plush creamy month feel. Citrus notes notes in a sweet long finish.

Coffee Process

  1. Plantation

    Where: San Jose Farm



  2. Harvest

    Where: San Jose Farm

    Hand picked

  3. Drying

    Where: San Jose Farm


  4. Selection

    Where: San Jose Farm

    Manual selection

San Jose's People


San Jose farm is located in Guayabetal, Cundinamarca. Don Ezequias bougth the farm 8 years ago. The farm have 13 ha in total and 8 ha with coffee plants. They produce as well beans, avocado, corn mainly for their own consumption.


Guayabetal, Cundinamarca Colombia



Cesar Riveros Hernandez

El Rocio Farm

Coffee Plants: 15000

He started growing coffee in 2008 when people from the Coffee Committee offered him an alternative to growing beans. He wants to see his children go to school and be successful. He hopes he can plant more coffee at his farm and maybe buy more land to keep growing.
Good neighbour and good friend


Angel Giovanny Quevedo

Los Pinos Farm

Coffee Plants: 10000

Angel started growing coffee 7 years ago. Before that he focused on other crops such as beans and tomatoes. He still keeps a variety of crops at his farm, but coffee is the main product and the one he loves the most. He wants to keep learning about coffee and to help his children get educated.
He likes to help others in the community, he's liked by everyone


Jose Ramiro Rey

El Conjunto Farm

Coffee Plants: 15000

He started with coffee 6 years ago, with the help of the Coffee Growers Committee. Now he works the farm along with his wife. It's hard work but they are managing to keep a very clean disciplined process. He wants to be able to pay for his daughter's education and maybe buy a house in Villavicencio.
Hard worker, full of "berraquera" (tenacity)


Carmen Julia Riveros Riveros

San Martin Farm

Coffee Plants: 6000

The farm was abandoned when she got it. She saw an opportunity in growing coffee. She is committed to improve the farm productivity.
She is active and recursive


Delfín Cardona Claros

Coffee Plants: 10000

He was born in the south of Colombia but now he prefer this region to work and live.
Delfin is a hard working person


Luis Eduardo Tique Montiel

El Balcon Farm

Coffee Plants: 10000

He always wanted to have his own farm and four year ago he was able to buy it. Luis Eduardo is eager to learn about better ways to grow coffee.
He wants to plant 5000 more coffee plants


Almeiro Quevedo Torres

Coffee Plants: 8500

He and his wife started to plant coffee seven years ago mainly because other crops required high level of chemical that harm the land.
He is an honest and responsable person.


Nestor Enrique Quevedo Mayorga

Los Guaduales Farm

Coffee Plants: 9000

He started to grow coffee almost 5 years ago. He wanted to be his own boss and decided that coffee was the way to do it. Now he wants to grow more coffee.
Nestor is persistent and dedicated


Nelly Leonor Murcia de Alarcón

El Tesoro Farm

Coffee Plants: 7000

She was living in the capital and owned a restaurant. 9 years ago she decided to leave it all and star a new live in the farm. Now the farm production provide for all her needs.
She is a hard working woman and good friend.


Luis María Herrera Herrera

El Cañaguate Farm

Coffee Plants: 14000

He started his coffee crop 8 years ago. His 2 sons help him and are following his coffee vocation. Luis wants to plant more coffee. He won the quality coffee Cundinamarca contest in 2013.
He is a hard coffee worker.


Rafael Antonio Castro Riveros

El Piripal Farm

Coffee Plants: 6000

He is an entrepreneur and very active. He alternates the coffee production with a flowers production to keep the cash flow. Rafael lives with his parents.
He is dedicated and responsable


Diego Elberto Carrillo Riveros

He is agricultural engineer and works in the region helping the coffee growers.
He look too serious but he is always ready to help.


Luis Carlos Clavijo Hernández

Coffee Plants: 5000

Zootechnist and coffee grower. He is very committed to the agricultural sector of the region
Responsible, noble and hard worker


Emigdio Riveros Gutiérrez

La Onda Farm

Coffee Plants: 3000

He is a inventor, a poet and a coffee grower. He has 11 children.
Emigdio likes to share with his friends.


María Lucero Rey Díaz

Coffee plants: 30000

She started in the coffee growing business 5 years ago.
Entrepreneur and vital.


Elibert Montealegre Moreno

Coffee plants: 30000

He was born in Tolima but moved to Guayabetal where he saw opportunities to create a good life. He is a coffee leader.
Dedicated worker and extrovert.


Jenny Maritza Torres Ruiz

La Loma Farm

Coffee plants: 15000

Along with her husband Almerio Quevedo work really hard to keep the farm in the best conditions. She is always learning and trying the recommendations to improve the coffee production.
Innovative woman and persistent


Saúl Gutiérrez Moreno

Coffee plants: 8000

He is shy and quiet but a good person always ready to share and help
Saúl is a hard worker and very committed.


Yebrail Rojas Rojas

Coffee plants: 3000

Young father of twins and dedicated caficultor. With Liliana his wife a paisa coffee grower they work the land since 2011.
Good father and friend.


Víctor Noé Castro Pérez

La Reserva Farm

Coffee plants: 3000

Coffee grower since 2009. Somewhat "stubborn" in their way of being but he is very hardworking and dedicated. He alternates coffee growing with cattle raising.
Good father and entrepreneur