Arnulfo Botina El Aguacate Farm

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Don Arnulfo Botina doesn't only grow a wonderful coffee, he also led the creation of a well organized community where everyone shares their knowledge, resources and efforts to produce coffees that they are proud of, to improve their chances of having better lives and of their families to have a better future.

  • Origin : Sandoná, Nariño, Colombia
  • Awards : Colombian Cup of Excellence, 2005
  • Varietal : Caturra
  • Process : Washed
  • Altitude : 1800 mts
  • Harvest Months : Mar-Jun

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Sensory Journey

Deep and complex.
Sweet, floral, caramel in aroma, with dark cacao and red stone fruit notes in cup High medium frutal acidity Deep mouthfeel Jazmin and caramel notes in particular linger in the sweet-toned trajectory of a long finish

Coffee Journey

  1. Harvest Hand picked

    El Aguacate farm

    Sandona Nariño Colombia

    Jun - July 2014

  2. Sun-Dried

    El Aguacate farm

    Sandona Nariño Colombia

    July 10 - 15 2014

  3. Automatic Hulling

    Picaleña Hulling

    Ibague, Tolima Colombia

    March 13 2015

  4. Logistics and Export

    Sweet Latitude

    Cartagena, Colombia

    Paris, France

    March 15 - 23 2015

  5. Roasting

    The Beans on Fire

    Paris, France

    Arrived on April 23 2015

  6. Coffee Shop

    The Beans on Fire

    Paris, France

El Aguacate's People

What's happening?


Farmers exchange fair

Enjoying food, music and exchanging farm products in the Sunday fair in Sandoná

Produce exchange at the fair

Finding buyers for the farm's plantains and oranges at the Sandoná exhange fair

Celebrating Christmas

Don Arnulfo at the Christmas "novena", with his friends of the Los Agucates association and their families

We got new coffee sun-drying units!

We were able to buy 20 coffee sun-drying units, thanks to the Nariño government. More quality at less effort for the harvests to come


The Botina family has owned the farm for 50 years. Arnulfo and his brothers inherited the from their parents 30 years ago. He bought his brother's share when he married Ines and the new weds started focusing on growing coffee, along with some food items for their own consumption.

Located close to the Galeras Volcano (12,000 feet, still active!) south-west of Colombia. The soil is mainly volcanic, providing nutrients to the coffee that give its unique signature. El Aguacate farm is only 3 hectares and its location near the equatorial line provides the perfect sun exposure for these extremely steep hills. In order to bring the harvest each day to the collection place, the farm people need to carry the coffee bags uphill for about an hour.

Farm Location

Finca Los Aguacates
Vereda Santa Barbara, Sandona, Nariño Colombia