Beatriz Gomez

Beatriz Gomez Villa Lara Farm

Beatriz is a woman that knows what she wants and works until she gets it in a very calm and smooth way. For a long time, she worked in logistics for a pharm company but she was always longing for applying her admin skills in her own project. During that time, her health was getting weaker, too much stress of the city’s life. When her husband decided to buy the farm, she was not sure about changing her life that drastically but as soon as she made that decision and move to the farm, her health improve radically and now she is giving all her energy and focus to the coffee farm. They are happy with the results and with many more plans for the future.

  • Origin: Guaduas , Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Varietal: Castillo, Tabi
  • Altitude: 1650mts
  • Harvest Months: April-June
  • People benefited: 40


Sensory Journey

Delicate buttery sensation. Notes of walnuts and raisins in aroma and cup. Medium body. Dark chocolate and caramel flavor linger in the mouth in a delicious after taste.


  • From the farm
  • Harvesting

    April 2018
    Villa Lara Farm, Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Drying

    Sun dried
    April 2018
    Villa Lara Farm, Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Hulling

    Automatic selection
    July 2018
    Innovakit, Mosquera, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • To the cup


Beatriz Gomez - Farmer

Beatriz is 47 years old. After 25 years working in the pharma industry, she meets Jonathan, an event that turned their lives around for good. She was ready for something different and chose Jonathan and the coffee farm as her life project. She is now in charge of the coffee processing plant and Jonathan call her “the queen of the coffee process”.

She is serene and very organize person. Beatriz is focus in improving the coffee process.
Jonathan Lara - Farmer's husband

Jonathan is 72 years old. His vitality and conviction that whatever you do needs to be well done is an example, which is being followed by the people around him.

He is a hard-working person with endless plans to improve their farm.
Alfonso Serrato - Harvester Leader

He is the right hand of Beatriz and Jonathan in the farm. Alfonso’s grandfather taught him about coffee. He is single. He would like to help his mom, buy his own house, get married and have kids.

William Alvarez - Harvester

William is 41 years old. He started as a coffee picker when he was 13. He is married and has 2 sons: Oscar (17) and Alexander (13). Now he helps in all the coffee process. He would like to travel and help his sons have better opportunities and a good life.

Faver Alvarez - Harvester

Faver is 48 years old. His father taught him about coffee. He is married and has 7 children: Sandra (29), Monica (27), Carlos (23), Angy (21), Daniel (20), Alexander (17) and Sebastian (9). With more that 40 years working in coffee he brings lots of experience. He would like to buy his own farm and a car to travel to other parts of the country


Guaduas, Cundinamarca, Colombia

When Beatriz and Jonathan bought the Villa Lara farm, it was well overtaken by vegetation, they were planning to have cattle but soon after they received a loan offer from the Colombian Coffee Federation for planting coffee. It was more appealing to them because of Jonathan have farming background, like that they started their adventure. The farm has an area of 32 ha and 25000 coffee plants. There are plantains trees that give shade to the coffee plants.