Sandoná, Nariño, Colombia

El Aguacate Farm

The Botina family has owned the farm for 55 years. Hernán and his father Arnulfo have been working the farm together. It is located close to the Galeras Volcano (12,000 feet, still active!) south-west of Colombia. The soil is mainly volcanic, providing nutrients to the coffee, which give it its unique signature. El Aguacate farm is only 3 ha and its location near the equatorial line provides the perfect sun exposure for these extremely steep hills. In order to bring the harvest each day to the collection place, the farm people need to carry the coffee bags uphill for about an hour.


Sensory Journey

Deep and complex. Sweet, floral, caramel in aroma, with dark cacao and red stone fruit notes in cup. High medium frutal acidity; deep mouthfeel. Jazmin and caramel notes in particular linger in the sweet-toned trajectory of a long finish.

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